Been in Hong Kong and Shenzhen for 3 times already, but I always get excited to revisit the area again. This time a close friend of mine will come along and we are planning to some normal tourist stuff in Hong Kong, Macua, and mainland China. I will stay a bit longer to feed my all my electronics desires. As a diehard visitor of the Huaqiangbei (HQB) area in Shenzhen I think lots of gems and old or wierd stuff are hidden on the markets. The things I’m hoping to ‘find’ in HQB are:

  • Shady phones/tablet
  • Service manuals
  • Pogo pins
  • ZIF adapters for chips
  • Tools (can’t have enough)
  • Cellphone

I know most can be found on but nothing beats the fun of walking through the mazes of HQB, overrun by couriers, offended by the squeeky sound of tape dispensers.

What would you get from HQB? Some things I found earlier in HQB.

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