Prolly not, but I haven’t made a developmentboard before and I didn’t know of a development board that uses the QFN36 footprint. I recently went on a trip to Shenzhen to visit Ian from and there I learned about a big Chinese manufacturer that also produces ARM chip that are more or less pin- and function-compatible with STM32 chips. They seem to be a bit cheaper, run faster and have good availability in China. At first glance the (English) documentation and support is quite good for Chinese standards too.

The main features of the STM/GD32F103TBU6 are:

  • up to 128KB flash.
  • up to 20KB SRAM.
  • USB, CAN, I2C, SPI, CAN peripherals.
  • 2×12 bit ADC.
  • up to 26 GPIO’s.
  • 72MHz (STM) or 108MHz (GD).

Features of the development board:

  • STM32F103TxU6 or GD32F103TxU6.
  • 50 mil header for SWD/JTAG, optional connection between nRST with JRST.
  • Micro USB to power the board with onboard 3v3 regulator.
  • USB datalines can be disabled through jumpers.
  • BOOT0/BOOT1 jumpers.
  • All GPIO pins available on 100 mill header.
  • Onboard 8MHz crystal.

The PCB is on its way to get produced in China and should be back in a few weeks.

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