When I was in China last year I sourced a couple of small E-ink displays (GDEH0124S01) through Taobao. They were simple ones with 8 14 segment characters. After some searching on the Chinese website from the manufacturer I found the datasheet. It was by all means not complete and a lot info was missing. After a bit more searching I found the controller used is DM130120 and its datasheet tells a bit more…

I made a PCB quite some time ago, but due to personal matters, I hadn’t the time to solder them up and write some code for it. A couple of days ago I soldered the PCB and fired up the compiler. After struggling through both of the chinglish manuals I converted their pseudo code into something the compiler and the micro understands. At first nothing happened (their code only showed how to make all segments go black which is the state you get the displays in 🙂 ) and I started fiddling a bit with the data send to the display and then some segment turned off.

Next thing was to find out how the mapping of the display was, as it was nowhere to find in the datasheet. I wrote a simple firmware that cycles through every segment and wrote down the results. Unfortunately there is not much logic in the way they layed it out and I have hand coded the message above. Good as a first test 🙂

I did talked directly to a sales person from Gooddisplay and they don’t have much stock left. They can make a new batch but unfortunately their MOQ is 10.000 pieces. I didn’t bother asking yet for a price but my guess it will be in the thousands of dollars. Untill a lot of people are interested I’ll cherish my collection..

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