C64 RAM Cartridge + SD2IEC


  • Battery backed up SRAM.
  • Emulates 8KB regular cartridge.
  • Integrated SD2IEC (larsp compatible HW design).
  • Micro SD card for storing diskimages.
  • Reset switch.
  • NMI switch.
  • Diskchange switch.
  • 2 LED mimics a Commodore drive.
  • Selectable (solderjumper) drive-ID.


Ever wanted to give your old Commodore a new disk drive? Ever wanted to develop your own cartridge? This one brings it all together, it has a SRAM that is easily programmed by the C64 itself and with the flick of a switch it becomes a regular cart! As a bonus it has room for a IEC compatible disk drive; this emulates a 1541 drive and uses a uSD card for storing your disk images. It provides even support for some fastloaders. See the SD2IEC website for the latest firmware .

Status: Probably not for sale (contact me for excess PCB’s).