SX64/C64 ROM cart SD2IEC


  • Combines SD2IEC and 8Kb (fastloader) cartridge.
  • Protocol emulated diskdrive.
  • Two LEDs to show activity and error.
  • Uses an uSD to store diskimages (D64).
  • Up to 8 different cartridges (dip-switchable).
  • Uses EPYX ™ cartridge hiding (selectable).
  • Reset button.
  • Full SMD version.



Back in the days there were no personal computers, but home computers. Most medium aged people have fond memories of a Commodore64 and many people still have one in the attic. This cart will bring 2010 technology into the eighties. It can hold your entirely collection of C64 software on a small uSD and the cart make it load at more modern speeds 🙂

The cart is a LARSP-64k implementation of SD2IEC with a push-push uSD cardslot. The drive ID can be set with a solderable jumper to 8-11 and it has solderpads for the diskchange buttons. The other part consists of an EPROM (27C64 upto 27C512 can be used) used to store a fastloader or utility. Upto 8 different ROMs can be used (selected through a DIP switch). Another DIP switch selects the cartridge mode (ON (EPYX mode), ON (8KB standard cart) or OFF). The EPYX mode will switch the ROM out of the adress space and give back the memory region at $8000.

It took a while to come to this more or less final version: proto 1, proto 2 and proto3.

Use the contact form if interested in getting built one.