About us

I’m a dutch guy who studied electronics a long time ago. Due to work sort of forgot how nice it is to thinker with electronics, till somewhere in late 2009/begin 2010 my interest was sparked again by dangerousprototypes.com and I bought myself a buspirate. I registered on the forum and started to improve the firmware on this wonderfull device. The firmware finally arrived at version 6 and was modular then ever before. Ian (owner of dangerousprototypes) was living at the time in the Netherlands and we met regularly. Together we did some crazy project under the Dangerousprototypes name, most noticable are the ATX breakout and protoboards. Later on (2011/2012) we went together on the first geek tours to Japan and China and had a wonderful time in the ‘candy stores’ there.

Later on Ian moved to Shenzhen, China to start there his new business. In 2015 I finally got the time to attend ‘Hacker Camp Shenzhen’ and there I showed a prototype of a simple soldering iron controller. Ian and others were super enthusiastic and encouraged me to get it produced in Shenzhen.

So A new site with tons of ideas is born… Welcome my friend 😉