70W soldering iron controller

  • Compatible with a large range of tips.
  • Flexible input voltages: 12-24Vdc (only 24Vdc will give the maximum output of 70W)
  • Indicating LED when power is applied to the tip.
  • Optional powerdown/sleep input.
  • Crisp 0.91” OLED Display with 128×32 pixels.
  • Two seperate PCBs; one controller and one userinterface board. Connected together with a flex cable.
  • Easy to callibrate (only requires leaded 60-40 solder and some patience).
  • Upto 31 calibrated tips are stored in internal EEPROM.
  • Firmware is available and adaptable.
  • slim design (5x5cm).
  • Usersettings are stored in EEPROM.


A small (5x5cm) but powerfull soldering iron controller. It is capable of driving in series thermocouple heaters like Hakko T12 and T15 digitaly. Since it will deliver upto 70W it can solder almost everything. It comes with a small userinterface baord which contains a small, bright OLED display to show all relevant information and two buttons to control it. This board is separate from the soldering iron driver board to allow flexible placement or it can be easily builtin into a (existing) housing. Boards are coupled with a flatflex cable (included).

The controller can store upto 31 different calibrationdata of each tip you own. Calibration of a tip is done by letting it cool down to room temperature and heating it up to 183 degrees Celsius (melting point of normal leaded (60/40) solder).

Optional the controller is programmable through a serial link (using a 3v3 serial to USB convertor) (not implemented in the current firmware). Firmware is also upgradable by using this serial link.

Not included in the package is a 24Vdc, 3A capable powersupply. The controller accepts anything between 12V and 24V. A working soldering iron may be required for assembly.

More details here.

Status: available in the store.