Breakable SMD prototype board

  • 6x SOIC32 breakout (100-300 mil wide)
  • 2x mini USB breakout
  • 3x 8 0805/0603 resistor/capaccitor/inductor breakout
  • 1x 4 button breakout with pullups
  • 1x micro SD hinged holder breakout
  • 1x HC49 Crystal breakout
  • 1x 2 SOT23-3 breakout
  • 1x SOT23-6 breakout
  • 1x Barreljack with LDO with LED indication
  • 1x 8 0805/0603 LED breakout (can be converted to CA or CC)
  • 2x PIC16(L)F1823/4/5 breakout with ICSP header
  • thin PCB (0.8mm) with seperatable breakoutboards

Back in the old days we had all the good stuff available as through-hole components, but nowadays most interesting stuff is only available in SMD. Untill now prototyping with PTH is simple but SMD is not. We designed this PCB to help you with that. The board has several different but common footprints to help you start to build your idea. Due to the flexible and seperatable nature of it you can easily mix and match and build your prototype in no-time!!

Status: available in the store.