After another year something here to break the silence. As the last days are ticking away in 2023 and 2024 will arrive shortly, we wish to send our best to everyone out there. Part of the silence is we want a new site design as the old one is getting dated, and we are looking for someone that can help. As a small teaser here is a list of finished projects from the workshop that are waiting to be blogged about(hopefully):

  • eNMI: an Action Replay like cart for the Commodore Amiga 500/2000
  • CPLD based RGB2HDMI with 3.5mm audio out
  • A Zorro II card with autoboot IDE, 8MB RAM and clockport
  • A Zorro II card with just one IDE (autoboot) port
  • Commodore 1541 longboard Speed-/Dolphindos clone

We hope that the soldering irons keep you and your beloved ones warm. Have some great days and till next year!

If you want to help us out with the design for a new site, or know someone who could, please send an email to the info mailbox at this domain.

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